This corrected FAQ was created because I attampted to email Bradley but kept getting errors. So with no way of contact, I corrected most of the errors myself. I did not edit this document in any way (didn't even fix typos), I simply added my knowledge.

If you are out there Bradley, please email me! My address is at the end of this document and on all my other pages.
Unoffical Dungeons And Dragons 2: Shadow Over Mystara FAQ V1.2

Written by: Bradley Jayakody(


Dungeons And Dragons and the game itself Shadow Over Mystara are 
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Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction
        1.1 Foreward
        1.2 Getting the unnoffical DD2 faq
        1.3 Adding to the FAQ
        1.4 Credits
        1.5 Accurate Information
        1.6 The Difficulty Level of your Machine

-Section 1- The Characters
2.0 Why these guys?
2.1 General moves
2.2 The advantages of spells
2.3 Specific characters
    2.3.1 Cleric
    2.3.2 Dwarf
    2.3.3 Elf
    2.3.4 Fighter
    2.3.5 Mage
    2.3.6 Thief
2.4 Names and what they mean.
2.5 Highlander Mode
2.6 The Glitch

-Section 2- Spells
3.0 Introduction to magic
3.1 Mage and Elf Spell List
3.2 Cleric Spell List
3.3 When do I get my spells back?
3.4 When should I use them?
3.5 Final Strike

-Section 3- Items
4.0 Item List
4.1 Shops
4.2 Common traps
4.3 Tricks to opening trapped locked chests.
4.4 Who gets what?

-Section 4- Common monsters(not bosses)

5.1 Dark Elf
5.2 Ghoul
5.3 Gnoll axeman
5.4 Gnol Bowman
5.5 Goblin
5.6 Hell-Hound
5.7 Insect
5.8 Kobolds
5.9 Owlbear
5.10 Skeleton
5.11 Gargoyles
5.12 Large Scorpions
5.13 Troglodytes

-Section 5- Level Descriptions
6.0 General notes
6.1 Opening - Descent from the Broken Land
6.2 Village of Trinta (War Machine)
6.3-a To Ride a Juggernaut (Dark Warrior I)
6.3-b Battle on the River (Man Scorpian(s))
6.4 Skies over Aengmore (Harpy, Tel'Arin)
6.5-a City of Aensun (Ogre Master Bros)
6.5-b Forest of Despair (Beholder)
6.5-c The Bridge (Green Dragon)
6.6 Battle of Strong Oak (Manticore, Lich)
6.7 Grove of Destruction (Displacer Beast)
6.8-a Labyrinth Maze (Black Dragon)
6.8-b Rescue at the Gnome Village (Chimera)
6.9.0 Floating down (Red Dragon)
6.9-a Land of Fire (Flame Salamander)
6.9-b Land of Ice (Ice Salamander)
6.9.c Underground Caverns (Tel'Arin and Good Elf at once)
6.10.1 Gateway
6.10.2 Overtures (Tel'Arin)
6.10.3 Arena (Ezerhorden)
6.10.4 Battle Royal
6.10.5 Arena Revisited (Dark Warrior II)
6.10.6 Inner Heart, Dark Heart {Nagpa, Synn}

-Section 6-
7.1 Hints and Tips
7.2 Famous sayings around the D&D2 machine
7.3 Conclusion
7.4 Revision History

1.1 Foreward
Shadow Over Mystara is the long awaited sequal to the original, Tower
of Doom.  It's a scrolling game, like the classic Double Dragon 2.
Unlike other games of this nature, you need to work as a team to get 
anywhere.  It's no good the Fighter dying when the cleric has 5
cure serious spells left, or the mage light hitting a held troglodyte.
Also certain stages require you to decide as a group as to what to do.
(e.g. piloting the boat, falling into the cavern) One of the new 
improvements on D&D1 is the voting system to decide on where to go.
When you finish a level you are sometimes offered a choice as to which
way to go (which stage to select).  Every person gets a vote, but the
vote is not decided by majority, it is based on probability.  This means
that if 1 person out of 4 selects A, and everyone else selects B,
there is a 25% chance of A and a 75% chance of B.

I have not seen this occur EVER. It always seems that the majority wins and if there is a 50/50 tie, the game chooses randomly.
                                                   The main emphasis
on this game is teamwork, you won't get no-where without working together,
sharing treasure, ideas and money(virtual silver coins I mean, not real
cash ;) ).

1.2 Getting the unoffical DD2 FAQ
At the moment the FAQ is only available on World Wide Web, though it will
be placed on ftp when available.  Requests for the FAQ by e-mail will
be denied.  

Web Page :-

1.3 Adding to the FAQ
Any information is appreciated, preferably by e-mail.  Do not send me
the faq as a whole, I know what it looks like ;).  Though small excerpts
will be accepted to clarify certain points.  Credit cannot be guaranteed,
but any excerpt over a line will generally be allocated credit.

1.4 Credits
Roger Wong (, creator of the unoffical C&C faq,
whos FAQ led me in the right direction in creating this one.

Ruiner ( who's information on the newsgroup, proved most valuable.

Adrian, the master D&D2 player at UQ, who hogs the machine ;).
Due to him taking on average 1.5 hours a credit no matter who he played
with, they doubled the price of a game, but who's complaing?

Merlin, who loans me money to play 90% of the time.

TSR and Capcom, one for creating the original D&D concept, the other
for the most value for money arcade game in the world.

All the others who submitted various information either through
the newsgroup, or to me personally.

1.5 Accurate Information
I have tried to verify everything that I have included in this
document, but not everything has been.  Those that I am doubtful of,
I have said so.  Also if you feel that you do not want your information
to be included in this FAQ or that credit for an article has not been
given to you, let me know, and I'll fix it up for you.

1.6 The Difficulty Level of your Machine
The setting of the difficulty on the machine you play on has a huge
impact on the game.  If the machine is on an easy setting, the rules
are more like proper D&D rules (goblins have 8 hp instead of 80).  
Certain events also require different methods to accomplish.  Final Strike
on a hard difficulty setting requires full heath, on a low setting not much.
What I'm really saying is most of the events talked about here have been
tested on easy machines and hard machines, but again you may require
something special in order to get it to work.

-Section 1- The Characters

2.0 Why these guys?
A cleric is almost a certantity in any party.  These guy heals you up
and can get rid of those pesky undead.  Mage has great boss killing
potential.  Fighter is the guy who can use any sword is the level
clearing guy.  Dwarf is like the fighter, only slower but more powerful.
Thief can also use any weapon, but doesn't have as much health, and can't

The thief can not use the two-handed sword.
       Although thief can open any chest. Elf is a Fighter/Mage.  
She can use any sword, and cast spells.

The elf can not use the two-handed sword either.
                                        Disadvantage, swing is slower 
and has a lot less health.  Assuming your machine is four players a 
suggested party is :-
Cleric - the healer, also has some good spells for some tricky situations.
Has the ability to turn undead - destroy/banish skeletons and ghouls.
Fighter/Dwarf - Fighter if your new to the game.  He's faster and has
a longer reach at the beginning.  Dwarf is slower but does a lot more
damage and can take more hits. 
Elf/Mage - Boss Clearing and getting out of tricky situations.  Mage
gets a lots more spells, but is almost useless in hand to hand combat.  
Elf can use any weapon

The elf can not use the two-handed sword, battle-axe, snake staff, staff of EP, staff of MA, or the staff of wizardry.
                       and has some spells to assist.
Last char - anyone.  Normally another cleric or elf, but basically this
is to complement the existing party.  Two clerics are handy, as are two
fighters, or a thief for added chests.

2.1 General Moves

There are four buttons. The normal situation is A=Attack, B=Jump,
C=Select, D=Use Item.  These do vary from machine to machine, so
check before you use them.

Selecting alternative character-
There are two possible pictures for each character. To select
the alternative one, hit start.

Attack a monster by just hitting attack.  You will cycle through a series
of attacks, each doing more damage if you are pushing the joystick in
a direction and hitting attack.  If a fighter is dual wielding the fighter
will hit more in a series of attacks.  Picking up items takes preference
over attacking, so beware of lots of items.  You can quickly clear these
items by sliding over them, instead of picking them up one by one.

While in the air you can do a few things.  Hitting attack will do a swing
attack.  Pushing down and hitting attack will do a thump attack, useful
for hitting monsters that have been knocked to the ground.  You can
change direction in the air once, by moving the joystick in another

Hitting Select will bring up the items you can use.  Cycle through them
by hitting select repeatedly.  Hit use item once to close the window.
The item you will next use will appear directly above you, and in the window
near your health bar.  Spell casters have three windows.  Access these
windows by after hitting select, hitting jump.  Hit jump again to go to
the next window.  This takes practice to do affectively, especially in
the heat of battle.

Use Item
Hit this once to close the window.  Again to use the item or cast the spell.

See Equipment
Hit start to see what you have and wear you have it on your person.

Heavy attack
Forward, attack.  This will do a huge swing that sometimes makes a monster
dizzy, allowing you to set up for another attack.

A quarter circle(down, down-forward, forward) jump will make your character
slide.  You will quickly pick up all the items in your slide.  Useful for
clearing areas of lots of items so you can fight, or grabbing all the money
fast after killing a boss.

Sliding attack
Same as Slide, except you hit attack.  Useful for quickly getting from one
side of the screen to the other in order to help a trapped party member.

Step back
Double tap jump.  Varies from class to class so see specific class 

Double-tap forward.  Runs quickly.

Special Attack
Double tap attack.  Varies from class to class so see specific class
descriptions.  Or you can select no item(not no spell), and just hit
use item.

Aerial Attack
Down, up, attack. Varies from class to class so see specific class 
descriptions.  Mage doesn't get one.

Shield Block
Either select Shield in your items, or backwards, attack.

Sudden Death
A+B together.  All but mage and cleric gets this.  This is only to
be used when you are surrounded on all sides.  It basically clears an
area around you, but you lose health by doing it.

Stomp Attack
Stand just above a fallen monster and hit attack, you will hit them
on the ground.

2.3 Specific Characters
Each class has his/her own specific skills.  All used to form a powerful
party when combined with other characters.  Each class has two variant
characters.  Only the mage and cleric receive different skills for being
the variant characters.  You select the variant characters by hitting
start instead of A when selecting a character.

2.3.1 Cleric
The Healer.  Perhaps the only essential party member.  You can buy heals
at shops and pick up the occasional one in a chest or two, but the cleric
is there to cast the heal on you that allows you to survive till the next
chest or shop.  A+B allows the cleric to turn undead(instantly killing
skeletons and ghouls).  Aerial attack is adequete.  The cleric is useful
in a fight, and his special attack is a kick.  Down point is can only
use bludgeoning weapons (mace, staff, morningstar)

And war-hammer.

2.3.2 Dwarf
Powerful fighter.  Slow, but his aerial attack is very powerful.
Receives the most health.  Special attack is headbutt.  Can use any 

The dwarf can not use the two-handed sword, snake staff, staff of EP, staff of MA, or the staff of wizardry.
        Also after a chest is opened by dwarf, sometimes he can pick
it up and throw it to receive a few more items.

The dwarf can always do this but only has a certain amount of time to do so. He can also simply hit the chest with any attack and only gets one more item, not a few.

2.3.3 Elf
Fighter/Mage.  Has spells and can use any sword.  Special attack is
a spin backwards kick.  Spells are mainly same as mage, except for
haste.  Can use any sword.

As mentioned before, the elf can not use the two-handed sword.
                           Sword and sorcery make for a powerful mix.
Also has the added benefit of unlimted arrows!  If you select arrows, 
then use it straight after you will fire 5 fast arrows, if you just hit 
use after already selecting it, you will fire 2 slow, then 3 fast.

2.3.4 Fighter
Fast attacker.  Needed to exploit some AI bugs.  Can use any weapon.

The fighter can not use the snake staff, staff of EP, staff of MA, or staff of wizardry.
Not as much health as Dwarf, but with his speed he doesn't need as much.
Special attack is kick.   Fighter can dual wield if he picks up a short
sword.  This way he will be unable to block though.

2.3.5 Mage
The Boss Killer.  That's all a mage is good for.  But this makes it worth
your while to have one.  His step back makes him invulnerable for a brief
second, which is needed as he doesn't have a shield so can't block!  
You can crouch under arrows, but not stones.  All characters can crouch 
under arrows, not just mage, but other characters find it easier to just 
shield block.  His special attack is a shoulder charge, which is useful 
to knock creatures down for the fighterto handle.  Bad news is, almost 
no health, 3-4 hits and he's knocking on death's door.  The mage's backstep
teleport move is rather useful, he can run in, hit an enemy twice, 
teleport back, shoulder charge, teleport back, run in and repeat.  Mage has
slightly longer reach on cleric, but does a lot less damage.  A good mage 
will not seek to kill off all the little guys, but to keep the little 
guys from surrounding the other players, sort of a floating reserve defender,
to fill in any week points.  When fighting bosses, the mage should try 
and look after the little guys(compare to the bosses, that is).  He/she 
just needs to keep the little guys occupied(not kill them as they just 
reappear :( ), and if he/she gets into trouble cast a room affect spell.
Also mage gets a critical hit once in 20 shots.

Actually, it's more of a percentage, I've critically hit twice in a row before.
                                                This is accomplished by
doing in a heavy attack.  You'll see the mage attack with a dagger.
If it's  a critical hit, the screen will briefly flash red.  Does a
lot of damage on bosses.

2.3.6 Thief
Useful character.  No shield again.  Her special attack is the backflip
back, which makes her invulnerable for a brief second.  Her aerial attack
is the best in the game.

Her aerial attack is pretty good but I wouldn't say the best in the game. When doing an aerial attack, she hits creatures in front of her, then is totally vulnerable at the top and on the entire way down. Her back is left completely unguarded and her sheet of fire hardly does any damage at all. I would say the dwarf's aerial attack is the best.
                         It send a sheet of fire racing along the ground,
toasting enemies in her path.  Has unlimited sling.  Can use any sword.

Again, the thief can not use the two-handed sword. She can wield anything the elf is able to, which includes the morning star and war-hammer.
Also can detect traps(marked by a skull and crossbones symbol).  She
can double jump and jump from the sides of the screen.  Her most useful
skill is the ability to open chests without a key.  Also if she runs into
creatures they drop items.  List as follows 

Ruiner (

Goblin/Kobold: Small gems
Gnoll: Burning Oils
HellHound: Flame Shield, Large Burning Oils.
Dark Elf: Bastard Sword
Normal Ogre: Tiara
Green Ogre: Battle Helmet
Shadow Elves: Circlet or Mage hat

*end quote*

This list is far from complete. Here's the complete list. Also, shadow elves cannot leave you mage hats.

Thief can also backstab monsters.  No-one seems to be able to backstab 
bosses at the moment.  You can not backstab held monsters(monsters
with a hold person spell on them).  To backstab monster must not be
facing you and close to you.  You then do down, down-forward, forward,
forward-up, attack.  Quarter-circle with and added twist to it.  You leap on 
their back and slaughter them ;).  Also can double-jump and leap off the 
side of the screen.
After the first brief part of the stage, you get to type in your name.
Depending on what name you type in, you receive an item.  The bad news
is that on most occasions, after you get hit a few times, you loose
the item(normally before you get up to the 3rd level :( ).  Items
that can be lost are listed in the Item section.
After you choose your name, a letter will appear above it showing what
item you picked up.

Type            Item
A               Medal
B               Boots of Speed
C               Hat suited to your class.
D               Ring of Protection
E               Ring of Fire Resistance.
F               Ring of Spell Turning.
G               Gauntlets of Ogre Power.
H               Rod of Fire(Mage), Earrings(Elf),
                Anklet(Fighter, Dwarf), Brooch (Cleric, Thief)
I               Bracelet, Rod of Cold(Magic User)
J               Orb, Necklace(Elf), Rod of Lightning(Mage)

To work out user type, use this equation:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9     (values)
a b c d e 0 1 2 3 4
f g h i j 5 6 7 8 9
k l m n o 1 2 3 4 5     <--- these numbers are Roman Numerals.
p q r s t . &   - !
u v q x y M F     ?     <--- Male and Female

The values of each symbol is added together, and if there are two digits
these numbers are added together.  i.e. 54 = 9.  5+5 is treated as zero.

0 gives you type A, 1 B, 2 C and so on.

2+0+0 = 2 give you cap.

2.5 Highlander mode
Highlander mode is the call name for a system where the mage and thief
can't die unless they get bitten, or hit by a special attack.  Basically
the mage and thief need to swap hats.  Both need to start off with a hat
(i.e. starting name cap).  Then later on in the game they need to find 
another hat.  The earliest a thief can get one is on the Harpy stage, by
dashing in to a little dark elf.   Beholder stage, just before first red
dragon and gateway level are places to get hats out of chests.  You will
loose health if hit, but you get down to one pixel of health and not go
any further.

2.6 The Glitch

The glitch is a bug in the game which allows many special things like 
unlimited magic missile spells for some characters(not mage or elf), 
invulnerability and lots of other cool stuff.  The reason it is not 
included in this faq is that if used incorrectly it hangs the machine.  
Personally I get totally bugged out when someone hangs the machine.  Also 
if the glitch is used correctly many weird events happen until that 
machine is reset.  So if you want to find out about the glitch ask 
someone else.  Also version 2 of D&D2 fixes the glitxh.

 -Section 2- Spells

3.0 Introduction to Magic
When a level has more than one spell, that means you can cast
either of these spells.  i.e. select your spell circle and you see
you have 3 fireballs.(level 3) That means you can cast 3 fireballs OR
2 fireballs and one lightning, or any combination of these 3rd lev spells.
It does not mean you can cast 3 fireballs and 3 lightnings, as it may
look like to you.   Also heal spells and striking can be cast on other
people, you need to be standing close to them, facing them, and then cast.
Also cleric should get level 2, 4 and 5 spells (4 and 5 healing, mage
can't use lev 2) elf and mage everything else.

3.1 Mage and Elf Spells (Ruiner)

Mage Spells

Level 1: Magic Missile
Level 2: NONE
Level 3: Fireball, Lightning Bolt
Level 4: Ice Storm, Wall of Fire
Level 5: Conjure Elemental/Cloudkill
Level 6: Flesh to Stone, P-image
Level 7: Reverse Gravity
Level 8: Meteor Swarm/Power word kill

(Green mage gets Cloudkill and power word, black mage meteor and conjure) (Ruiner)

Elf Spells

Level 1: Magic Missile
Level 2: None
Level 3: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Haste
Level 4: Ice storm, Polymorph others
Level 5: Conjure Elemental

*end quote*

Level 2: Invisibility

Magic missile - sends between 1-5 bolts of energy to closet targets.  Useful
for distracting monsters or knocking them down.
Fireball - send a blazing ball of fire in the direction your facing
and slightly downwards.
Lightning - sends a bolt of electricity across the screen directly in front
of you, you can control the bolt slightly, by moving the joystick up and
down to take out other targets.
Haste - You move and attack faster.   Affects all players on the screen.
Ice Storm - Hits everything on the screen.  Knocks monsters out of the sky.
Wall of fire - like lightning, except if you rotate your joystick in
a circle just as you cast it, it will waste everything around you, then
take out everything in front of you.
Polymorph others - Changes low level monsters(i.e. everything but bosses,
into something harmless).  You need to be standing right next to the monster.
Conjure elemental - like ice storm, except more powerful.  Face left for
fire elemental, right for ice (if mage).  Face left for air, right for stone
(if elf).
Cloudkill - slightly more powerful than conjure, but will not affect
some bosses or undead.  Instantly kills lower level non-unded monsters.
Flesh to stone - like lightning bolt, but you can't control the direction.
Turns low level monsters into stone and damages bosses.
P-Image - makes the mage invulnerable for a while.
Reverse Gravity - lifts all the close by monsters into the air and then 
slams them down.  Doesn't work on flying monsters.

Reverse gravity works just fine on the harpy, and does a massive amount of damage to Synn (both flying).
Meteor swarm - powerful rocks fall from the sky, destroying almost
any low level monsters and doing massive damage to bosses.
Power Word Kill - A tricky spell to use.  It seems to only do damage if
a boss/monster has less than a certain amount of health(a little under
one bar is my best guess) otherwise it does zip.  If it is cast with 
a boss under that one bar, it will kill them instantly.

3.2 Cleric Spell List (Ruiner)
Level 1: NONE
Level 2: Bless, Hold Person
Level 3: Striking, Continual Light
Level 4: Cure serious wounds, Sticks to Snakes
Level 5: Cure critical wounds, insect plague
Level 6: NONE
Level 7: Earthquake/Holy Word

The Bald cleric gets earthquake and insect plague.  The good looking 
cleric(blue one) gets Holy Word and Sticks to Snakes.

 *End Quote*

Bless - improves damage given and reduces damage taken very slightly.
When cast affects everyone on the screen.
Hold Person - freezes 3 humanoid creatures for a couple of seconds.
Striking - improves damage done by weapon of one person.
Continual Light - Blinds a monster(makes them dizzy).  You must be facing
that person and they must be looking at you.
Cure serious wounds - heals your health bar a little bit.
Sticks to Snakes - creates some snakes to attack monsters.  When you can
cast cures instead of this, not many people use it ;).
Cure critical wounds - more powerful version of sticks to snakes.
Insect Plague - sends insects flying at monsters on screen.
Earthquake - damages all non-flying monsters.
Holy Word - hits all monsters, but kills low level monsters first then
goes on to higher level ones.

Holy word is like hold person, it only affects three monsters.

3.3 When do I get my spells back (Ruiner)

Cleric gets them back after these Bosses...

War Machine
Man Scorpions
Dark Elf
Displacer Beast
Red Dragon(if you fight it)
Dark Warrior 2

The cleric also get's them back after the fire/cold salamander before Ezerhorden.

Mage and Elf get them back after these Bosses...

Man Scorpions
Ogre Brothers/Beholder
Read Dragon(if you fight it)

*End Quote*

They both regain their spells after the green dragon as well. Also, the elf dosn't get her spells back after the lich but after the displacer beast. There is no such thing as a Read Dragon, and it's Ezerhorden and Nagpa. :)

3.4 When Should I use them
On the level before you get them back, use them all ;).
Basically unless life is looking bad, or your on the Beholder level
(AI bug means you do not need to use spells to defeat Beholder)
you don't use them except on bosses.  An occasional cloud kill on conjure
perhaps, if a whole bunch of gnols attack you.  Holder Person Gnol Archers
though.  Hold Person doesn't work on any boss except the Dark Elf, so
use them on stages leading up to them.  Continual light is good against
most bosses.  Cures are perhaps the spell most used before fights.  When
a character is almost dead, you would do well to heal him, as a dead 
character is no good to anyone.  Haste is useful on certain levels in order
to quickly run past dangerous situations.

3.5 Final Strike (first confirmed posting by Ruiner)

For this you need a magic-user.  You also need the Staff of Wizardry 
found on the Gateway level.  All players then have to hit all their buttons 
at once, except for the use button. 
Does about a bar and a half of damage to Synn, and all 
characters go down to one hit point :(.  Combine this with meteor swarm, 
and Synn is dead when you see two bars on the screen :).
Does more damage if characters have more health.

You also need three or more players to do this.

-Section 3- Items

4.0 Item List
This list is incomplete and a more complete description on where to find
some of the items would be appreciated.   Levels indicate section to
look at.

Long Sword - Long reach, fighter gets a more powerful one every time he

In the game there are no long swords, only normal swords.
Short Sword - Shorter reach (duh!), elf gets a more powerful one every
time she levels.
Hand axe - Dwarf starts out with this.  Gets a more powerful one
every time he levels.
Battle axe - found on level 6.10.1.  Two handed, powerful.

The thief can also rob any axe gnoll after Tel-Arin for a battle-axe. You can also find one in the morning-star chest (same screen as the small ogre) and in the room right before Ezerhorden if the dwarf opens these.
Cursed Sword 2 - Become Holy Avenger if cleric attemps to pick it
up 8 times.  Found on level 6.5-b.  Kills undead in one hit.
Rocks the lich and ghost.
Cursed Sword 1 - Becomes Sword of Legends.  The most powerful
weapon in the game.  Every time you swing it you take damage.
You need to swing it about 30 times to remove the curse.
Have lots of heals ready ;).
You can stop the damage been taken by casting a person affect spell on 
the person swinging, just as the person starts to look shocked.  Same 
way as the Owl bear trick described later. (
Also if you jump and swing just before you hit the ground you won't
take damage, this takes a lot of practice though.
Mace - Cleric starts off with it.  Everytime you level you get 
a more powerful one.
War Hammer - Bought in Halfling village (After 6.7).  More powerful
version of mace.

Or you can get one in the chest right before Ezerhorden in the cleric opens it.
Morning star - the best(on level with serpent staff) weapon for cleric.
Aerial attack makes him swing it round and round.  Heavy attack makes
it shoot out and hit monsters on the other side of the screen.
Also due to a bug, if you do the Stomping attack, you sometimes lock it
up and he just keeps hammering away, killing the monster instantly.
Can be bought in halfling village by clicking on it when it is in the 
background, or found in  a chest just past the smaller ogre(not ogre

People have different feelings for this weapon. It is probably the best for a beginner but the best for an advanced player is probably the war-hammer. His heavy swing leaves his back vulnerable for over a second if you don't hit anything and if you do, it will be much longer, it is also slow, and although the spinning attack is good while it's going, when it stops the cleric is again left totally vulnerable. The war-hammer is also slow but this can be overcome by hitting attack, slide-strike/heavy swing, and repeat. This makes the weapon a lot faster and keeps you ready to block or move if being attacked. Also, the morning star and war-hammer is able to get stuck in certain enemies and this is definetly not a bug. The programmers may not have anticipated this to happen but but is perfectly legal. The reason for this is if you do a down-thrust in the air on 2 (or more) creatures, it hits one of them and freezes it there, then another one must come into the same place as the first right when you recover, then you hit the other one. Just then the other creature recovers and you hit him, etc. This keeps going until one of the creatures die. It also works on really fast creatures like hasted Tel-Arin and hasted Dark Warrior 2.
Bastard Sword - Bought in halfling village, found on 6.9, or stolen
from dark elf 6.4 also can be found in chest before first smaller red 
dragon or in chest where morningstar is found.  If fighter class opens 
the chest, get bastard, mage get staff, cleric gets morning star.

Dwarf get's battle-axe.
Sword of Flame - Leaves a trail of flames where ever it passes.  Found
on 6.5-b.
Stormblade - like flame sword but leaves a lightning trail.  Found on
Ice Sword - Freezes opponent when it hits.  Found on level 6.9-a.
Dragon Slayer - get fighter/elf/dwarf to pick up Dragon Horn when you 
fight first red dragon on 6.9.0.
Click on the next shopkeeper, he will change the Horn into Dragon Slayer.
Dragon Slayer wastes Synn.

Flame Shield - protect from fire
Ice Shield - protect from ice
Dragon Shield - made from scale of black dragon 8-a.  Limited protection
from dragon breath.
Shield of Protection from Evil - found on Beholder stage if Cleric opens
the chest with Lightning Sword.  Stops spells being drained from ghost,
and, this is unconfirmed, stops you getting eaten by ghost.  Also after
Battle Royale you come to a door hidden behind some cold flame jets.
In front of it are 4 gargoyles.  You can go in the door my moving up
behind the jets and walking in.  Inside there is a chest surrounded
by jets.  The thief can backflip in and get the chest out.  If the mage
opens the chest, you get a level 9 scroll (only sometimes though).

Everyone gets a shield of protection from evil and there is no such thing as a level 9 scroll in this game. You can also block Dark Warrior 2 fire with this. Handy since you get it right before him.
Anyone else gets a Shield of Protect From Evil.  Only way for mage
to get it when there is no thief is to use a p-image.  There is not enough
room to teleport in.

Ring of Fire Protection - Protection from fire

Resistance and protection are two different words. This is a ring of fire resistance and allows you to walk right through fire jets, fire mines, normal fire on the ground, hellhound breath, fire balls and circle of flame from lich, red dragon's slow exploding columns of fire, Dark Warrior 2 fire, Synn's meteors, and Synn's fireballs. These are very useful.
Ring Of Spell Turning - Once you reach a high enough level, monsters
spells will not affect you as much.

With a ring of spell turning, you can walk right through all Lich magic, all Dark Warrior 2 fire, and Nagpa's lightning.
Ring of Protection from Evil - Less damage taken from evil monsters(all of
them but good elf ;) )
Spell rings (one use rings that have the folling spells) -
Fire ball
Polymorph others
Magic Missile
Invisibility (love this on thief to let him sneak up on ppl for backstab ;) )
Cure Serious Wounds
Continual Light
Summon Djinn (more powerful version of conjure elemental)

Rods (These rods improve the various spells, they do more damage)

Wands (Wands can only be used by the mage and have a limited number of
Stun - stuns enemies

This is actually a wand on paralysis.
Ice - shoots ice along the ground freezing enemies
Fire - shoots a fireball
Lightning Bolts - shoots a vertical beam of lightning.  Probably the
best wand.  Also there is a trick to pump the charges on this wand over
a hundred.  Buy the wand in the gnome village, make sure it is the first
thing you buy.  Go to the first red dragon part.  Answer his questions to
fight him.  Run to the side.  Let everyone get all the gear.  Now pull
out the wand, it should be flashing.  Do not hit attack.  Walk in to
the next room.  Hit the dragon with first shot.  Wand now has over 100
charges.  Just hammer the dragon with it, he can't move away when you do.
Also useful in freezeing the ghost.

Staff of Wizardry - Used in Final Strike.
Staff of Serpents - Cleric weapon.  When it hits someone, they are hit
by some snakes.  Do not use this when fighting ghost as the snakes will
attack you instead of ghost.

The snake staff works just fine againt Ezerhorden with no drawbacks.

Various Equipment
Orb - Improves saving versus petrification and gas.
Necklace - Decreases damage done by magic.
Earrings - increases damage done by mage and elf spells.
Bracelet - Increases attack power.
Anklet - Increases power of kicks.
Displacer Hood - limited invulnerability from ranged attacks (bow and stones)

I don't know why it's limited, you are totally invulnerable to all kinds of projectiles, arrows, stones, and spears.
Gauntlets of Power - More damage to your physical attacks.
Boots of Speed - you move faster.
Boots of Levitation - Press jump twice, slowly and you float.  You can not
cast spells or access select screen while floating.  
Egg of Wonder - Changes into owl bear who fights for you.

Shop items
Arrows - point and shoot, silver and burning do more damage.
Dagger - point and shoot, faster than arrows.  Less damage.  Silver again
does more damage than normal daggers.
Hammer - flies through the air.  If it hits its target, target may become
Burning oil - sets monsters on fire.  This time though you can not set
your team mates on fire.
Large Burning Oil - BUY BUY BUY BUY!  This is the most powerful item in
the game.  Used correctly you will kill most bosses if everyone in the
party has full burning oil and uses it correctly.  When thrown it explodes
and sends a wall of flame across the screen, like the thief's aerial attack.

Healing - Shops and chests.  Comes in two varieties, normal and super.
Haste - Little yellow potion.  Exactly the same as haste spell, but only
affects the person who quaffed it.

This small yellow potion has a 50/50 chance of either being a haste potion or a bless potion.

Some chests and monsters have scrolls.  These can be used by any spell
caster in addition to current spells.

Misc Items
Egg of Owl Bear - When used transforms into a white owl bear that fights 
for you.  

Owl Bear trick (Laurent Waelbroeck

When the character uses the Egg of Wonder, get another character to cast 
an person affect spell on him as he is throwing it. (e.g. invis, healing, 
striking)  The egg will reappear in the characters inventory to be thrown 
again.  Rather useful to get rid of all those useless invisibilty spells.

*End Quote*

4.1 Shops

Money can be transferred between characters in shops by placing the
hands of those characters who want to trade money over one another.
Then the player who wants to give money away needs to hit select or use.
Select gives silver pieces away slowly, use very quickly.

4.2 Common traps
Some chests are trapped.  These are the common traps.

Gas - Sleeping gas shoots out and knocks out anyone close to the chest.
Undead usually arise.

Undead always arise.
Fire - Fire burns anyone nearby.
Arrows - Arrows shoot out, diagonally.
Deadfall - Rocks start falling down.
Petrification - A beam shoots out, turning anyone in a horizontal path
to stone.  If your fast enough, a cleric can cast bless which will stop the
beam shooting out.

4.3 Tricks to opening locked trapped chests
Well it's really only one trick.  Just try to pick up the chest(stand
behind it and hit attack).  The trap will spring, and the chest will open.
You sometimes need to jump in behind chests to be able to pick them up.

4.4  Who gets what?
Whoever has less health, and least cures/cure rings get heals.
Non-magic users get spells.  Otherwise it's a free for all in the money
and exp stakes. :).

-Section 4- Common Monsters

5.1 Dark Elf
Unlike their big cousin, these guys are easy to kill.  They do have a 
ability to teleport away, then reappear behind you.

5.2 Ghoul
Try not to turn them unless your party is in trouble.  These guys carry
scrolls and items.  Also if you use Holy Avenger to kill them, you tend
to get the items, but not the scrolls.

5.3 Gnoll Axeman
Hold Person if too many.  Just waste 'em.  Easy.

5.4 Gnoll Bowman
The scourge of many a mage.  Primary targets.  You can duck under the arrows.
Hold Person and take them out.

5.5  Goblin
Little guys who can throw stones and oil if ignored for too long.
Too short for arrows to affect them.

5.6  Hell-Hound
Normally when they first come on the screen, they run across knocking you
down unless you block or get out of the way.  Also unaffected by fire
and have a nasty tendency to breath fire on you.

5.7 Insect
Fly around at head height.   You can crouch under them.  They sometimes
go away if you wait long enough.

5.8  Kobolds
Nasty little creatures who throw oils and daggers if you don't pay them
any attention.

5.9  Owlbear
Head of an owl, rear of a bear.  Tend to jump at you if left alone.

5.10 Skeleton
Turn the suckers.  They carry almost nothing, have a tendency to leap at
you and the green guys block your attacks with their shield.

5.11  Gargoyles
Can only be hit by magical weapons, or weapons with bless spell.  
Almost always have scrolls of level 4 and above.

There are no weapons with bless spell and if you cast striking on a weapon, it still won't kill a gargoyle.

5.12  Large Scorpians
Annoying little fellows who tend to drop in from above.  Hit them hard and
fast.  One hit normally kills them.

One hit always kills them even ones that do no damage such as a body chek.

5.12 Troglodytes
Hold person these guys.  Often carry spells.  Can turn invisible, stun you
with gas, jump on top of you and throw oil at you.  Pains.

-Section 5- Level Descriptions

6.0 General Notes
Due to the immense size and complexity of the game adequete notes on
each level are extremely hard to accomplish(if you have send it to me ;).
Mainly a short description of what to expect and how to kill the boss.
The amount of energy a boss has is based on number of players.  There
is a fixed amount plus (X amount) * number of players.  When you get a
section followed by an letter, this means a choice.  Some choices are 
only available if certain conditions are met.
Suggested path for best results
6.1 - 6.2 - 6.3.b - 6.4 - 6.5-b - 6.6 - 6.7 - 6.8-b - 6.9.0 -
6.9-a - 6.10.1 - 6.10.2 - 6.10.3 - 6.10.4 - 6.10.5 - 6.10.6

6.1 Opening - Descent from Boss the Broken Land

Short level, designed to get a feel for the game.  Destroy the two carts
and the game continues to where you can type in your name.  Second chest
contains small healing potion, in case someone has already got hit.

6.2 Village of Trinta (War Machine)

There is 500 sp straight down from where you enter.
One secret room(near the top of screen just after you enter).
In this room there is an axe in bottom chest if Fighter opens it.
Long sword if Elf opens it. Top chest contains heal if mage opens it.

Also contains healing potion of thief opens it.
Lots of skeletons in there, so if you don't have a cleric grab the gear
and leave.  The far right chest contains boots and gauntlets of ogre.
The closer chest is trapped and has 1 sp.

Sometimes you get bags of 100 silver and rarely, 500 silver pieces out of this chest.
                                          Both chests are locked.
Goblins, Gnol axeman start you off.  After you kill one owlbear archers
appear.  Two sets of 3.  First set comes from left, second from right. 
If your going through the game really fast, another set might come.
Also fighter try and get short sword for dual wield.
If you stand in front of war machine and block it will slow down.  
Elf can waste it with arrows.  Knock the little
guys off the back and it doesn't move till replacements arrive.  Keep
killing the replacements.  The war machine travels horizontally from
one side to the other.  Try to use only magic missile spells on this level.
Make sure cleric gets off all heals as he gets them all back.  Oil does
a lot of damage and slows down the war machine.

6.3-a To Ride A Juggernaut (Dark Warrior 1)
Goblins, archers, axeman and hellhounds.  Couple of kobolds.  
Dark Warrior has skeletons helping him.  Let off all your spells as you
get them all back.  Continual light works well for set up for dual aerial 
attacks on either side.

6.3-b Battle on the River (Man Scorpions)
Decide before hand who will steer the boat. Head up for the first level.
You will get in one fight with trogs.  As soon as you kill them, head up.
Everyone move to front of the boat.  You will avoid Dragon.  Can get 
information from avatar, makes no difference.  Next part of stage,
go in middle, till pass first trogs, then head down.  Repeat.  You will
get a lot of money from heading up and down.  After you leave the
raft, first chest has heal.  Mage opens top chest he will get cure serious
ring.  Do not stand in one place too long or arrows or rocks will fall.
Lots of Large scorpions, kill them.  Cleric select bless.  Move to the
right.  Rocks and scorpions will start to fall, as they are falling, cast 
bless, this will make the rocks miss you.  Easy stage.  If mage and elf
playing, just a matter of letting off all your spells.  Try to work
as a group.  If a Man scorpion jumps up, cast ice storm/conjure/cloud
to bring him down.  Fighters attack.  Repeat.  Line up a couple of 
lighntings and flesh to stones.  If you can get the scorpians in a 
corner, let the fighters do the work and cleric face the other way 
casting cont. lights and hold person's to stop trogs from interfering.  
And if all trogs gone, turn undead and repeat.

6.4  Skies over Aengmore (Harpy, Tel'Arin)
There is another program bug here.  If you don't kill one of the little
dark elves just before the harpy, and wait for 4 minutes 30 seconds, he
will disappear and you can fight the harpy without those pesky little
dark elves getting in the way.
Stock up on daggers/hammers before this level.  Select one magic caster
to be responsible for job of magic missiles.  Elf  is much better for 
this job as her magic missiles do less damage.  Once in a while a dark elf
will fly by on a wyvern and shoot fireballs as you, just as the fireball
is coming down, fire magic missile to knock him off his perch.  Repeat
if he returns.  If you are in the air (jumping) when the fireball lands, 
you take no damage. Two waves of Dark Elves.  Kill them and Harpy appears.
When Harpy bar shows up, everyone select hammers.  Move as a group
to far left.  Harpy will land in the middle.  Throw hammers .  You will get
harpy down to one bar(a little over half way).  Oil harpy, and keep hitting.
If harpy tries to fly, large room spell(ice storm, conjure, cloud) to knock
her down.   Far chest contains heal.  Next is Dark Elf. 
Turn Undead the skeletons.  They do not come back for a bit.  Split party
into two groups.  One either side of elf.  Hit him from either side.  Any
daggers/hammers left, use them.  Try not to use mage/elf spells.  When
a spell is cast, the counter still runs, you need to kill Dark Elf fast in
order to be allowed to do Ogre Brothers level. When he goes down, hold 
person.  Do not wait for him to get up, he does a large
slashing attack, that catches ppl by surprise.  After a bit he casts a haste
spell.  Time for magic spells.  Hit him hard and fast.  You will heal up
a lot after this level.  (normally everyone but one person :) ).  You can 
also oil him if you have any oils left after harpy. 
Continual Light also works.  A short note, player one always gets the least
amount of healing, so put your best player there.  Got the choice
of 3 levels from here depending on part configuration.

 6.5.a City of Aensun (Ogre Brothers)

This level is only selectable if you complete the previous level 
quickly.  Town scene, with secret room in roughly the same place
as in first stage.  Firstly run quickly right so either mage or elf
can get earrings to pump up offensive power then go to secret room.
Lots of heals early on so unless a player is on death's door, don't
waste cure spells/rings.
In that secret room there is a secret room.  Top of
screen.  Hell hounds are in abundance here, so watch out for their
dashing attack.  Just before ogre there is another secret room.  
You will know your there as some gnol axemen come out with hell hounds.
Go into this room for two healing potions.
You will come to an ogre.  Easy you think?  He's a lot
faster than the ogre of D&D1.  Easy strategy is do no use spells when he
is by himself.  Block and have elf pepper him with arrows.  When he calls
his green cousin, hold person and attack the first ogre.  Concentrate on
the first ogre.  Allow mage to use all spells, as all spells recovered
after this level.  If you kill the first ogre fast enough, the other one
won't come.  Oil's do well, as there is no hurry to kill him.

6.5.b Forest of Despair (Beholder)

This contains the holy Avenger, fire sword, and lightning sword.
There is a secret room to the bottom of the screen as soon as you
come on the game.  The swords are normally located in top of the
screen, hidden among bushes.  Holy Avenger is hidden behind a rock.
There is a good AI bug to exploit at the Beholder stage.
Let the fighter get the Flame sword.  When you come up to just before
the Beholder, cave entrance and super healing potion, while walking
towards the right.  Mage cast's p-image, runs at beholder and takes the
flesh to stone initial attack.  Fighter runs in and hits with Flame sword,
then fighter stands there and hits with flame, beholder will not be able
to escape.  Make sure fighter is facing to right and beholder on right.
If beholder escapes use Elemental bottle of Djinn ring.   Lots of heals
on this stage, and if you feel confident about beating beholder with
just fighter, it's fun to lightning bolt kobolds.  You can cast spells
when beholder is on fire, or has eye closed, but doing it while he
is on fire normally stuffs up the fighter combo.

6.6.c The Bridge (Green Dragon)

Only selectable with an elf in the party.  One large healing on this level.
Fight lots of little dark elves, and that pesky fireball throwing elf
makes a come back.  A few archer elves as well.
Hammers on Dragon.  Cast a spell when he breathes.  Jump and attack.

6.6 Battle of Strong Oak (Manticore, lich)

For Manticore, get a character to block and elf to attack with arrows.
Cast a spell if he tries to fly.  When you knock the manticore down, you 
can repeatedly throw oil at him, once you have oiled him once.  After you 
oil him once just keep throwing it after a short pause between each throw.

Lich.  Another good AI bug, but you must work as a team.  Everyone go
to middle top of screen facing right.  When lich appears, everyone attack,
as soon as the lich floats away, everyone move down.  Attack, move up.
Lich will eventually cast earthquake.  Ice storm, Turn Undead, regroup,
repeat pattern.  You should be able to defeat lich without getting hit.  
If someone gets out of sequence, ice storm to allow them to live. This is 
a hard level to break away from the group to cast heals.  Also holy avenger
takes chunks off his health.  A chest on the left contains a haste, you have
about 2 seconds to get it before he appears, you out of sync, goodbye group.

He's not that hard, it is nearly impossible to stay in sync with everyone so basically it's a free for all. The owl bear trick works great on him and if there are three or more players, the thief can open the hidden chest on the right (behind the brazier) to get a healing.

6.7 Grove of Destruction (Displacer Beast)

Same trick to get rid of goblins can be used here that was mentioned
in harpy stage.  Let one live and after 4.5 minutes he will run away
and you will fight the displacer without the pesky little critters
running around.
Run quickly to right.  Cleric opens first chest.  Will get cure ring, large
healing potion and level 4 scroll.  Chest on fair right contains small heal.
Lots of little goblins and couple of axe gnolls, watch out for stone throwing
goblins appearing though.
Displacer beast is a bit of a free for all.  You can tell which one he is
by where the shadow is, only the real displacer beast has a shadow.
Haste does wonders.  Oils.  Allow mage or thief to take displacer skin.
At next shop, person with skin click on shopkeeper and you will get cloak
of displacement, that makes you slightly invulnerable to ranged weapons.
Use your spells to get him.  Hold person to freeze little goblins (get 'em
out of your hair) and hammer displacer.  Two swords is good for fighter, 
as blocking his long range attack doesn't always work.

6.8-a Labyrinth Maze (Black Dragon)

When you come to this level you will see some monsters and a sign.  
You need the displacer eye from other level.  Run to sign read sign and
go that way.  No black dragon then.  Otherwise go the other way and rock
black dragon.

6.8-b Rescue at the Gnome Village (Chimera)

Large heal, 2 level 4 scrolls, and small heal at beginning of level.
Three words ...... Large Burning Oil.  Stock up on this at the previous
shop.  When you get up to chimera, knock him down with room spell, then
everyone Large Burning Oil him, he will die like that.  Large Burning Oil
is slightly too powerful in my opinion, but if it's there use it ;).
When you kill the Chimera you get to go the village - GO!  You need to 
spend a little cash on a potion in order to visit the village, but it is 
worth it.  At the village you can buy cure rings!  Firstly walk to the 
house on the right side of the screen.  This is an inn, but you can't 
visit the first shop till you have been here.  Talk to the first person 
in the inn near the door (just walk up to them).  You can talk to the 
rest of the people for more information if you want to.  Then walk out 
and go to the first shop.  Here you can buy all sorts of goodies.  If you 
run out of items (i.e. buy too much gear) close the window and reopen it 
for more.  After this shop you will be able to buy cure potions and Large 
Burning Oils so don't waste all your cash.

6.9.0 Floating down

You float down into a cavern.  Second platform on the left is red dragon.
First platform on left is sword of legends.  Red dragon is pretty easy.
You will get three chances to flee.  Order to fight is no, no, yes. 
Quickly move to the right or you will die from dragon breath.  Get
the treasure in the room.  Split into two groups.  One on either side.
When dragon head comes down, people on both sides start hitting, if dragon
casts a spell, wait till just before it hits someone of your party and cast
your own spell.  If his head goes up, it will come back.  To avoid dragon
breath.  The breath will come from the same direction you are being sucked.
If you are being sucked in towards the middle, go to one of the sides.
To the side go with it.  If the head appears side on in the middle of the
screen, stand in front of either one of the two rocks.  One to the far
left, one to the far right.  Try to agree which way to go before hand.
Rather annoying when half the people try to go right and half go left and
all get toasted. :(  Let fighter(or elf if fighter has Sword of Legends)
get Dragon Horn.  At next shop click on shopkeeper, he will give you 
Dragon Slayer which will do massive damage to Synn.

6.9-a Land of Fire (Flame Salamander)

Sword of ice on this level.  Basically just use the sword of ice to get
the salamander into a corner, and keep hitting attack.  Other
party members, keep the hell hounds away.  Don't kill the hounds, just
hit them softly to keep em off the fighters butt.  Cast spell if fire

6.9-b Land of Ice (Ice Salamander)

Same as Fire except use Fire Sword.

6.9-c Underground Caverns (Tel'Arin and Good Elf at once)

Only available with dwarf in party.
Run like hell to the right, rocks will start falling.  Haste is good.
Keep running to you come to a new stage.
Now you will fight two elves.  If you can kill the Bad elf (not the
green one) without killing the good elf,  the good
elf will come back and help you kill negpa.  If you kill the dark elf here,
on 6.10.2 you fight a lot of monsters instead of the boss.

6.10.1 Gateway

Lots of secret rooms.  Explore and enjoy.  Move statues onto pressure pads
to go into some rooms.   Basically you need to have a weight on all
the pads on front of a door to open it.  Pads are a little diamond shaped 
square in front of the doors.

6.10.2 Overtures (Tel'Arin)

If you killed Tel'Arin before, you fight lots of low level monsters.  
Otherwise you fight Tel'Arin, same tactics as before.  But mage save 

Actually easier to simply use large burning oils on him.

6.10.3 Arena (Ezerhoden)

Arguably the hardest fight if you don't have a mage.
Do not hit ghost if he is swallowing someone, that person will take
damage.  If four people are playing, gargoyles will appear instead of 
undead.  Use wands if you got them, they will freeze ghost in place for
a second or so.  Hit him with spells, you get them back.

6.10.4  Battle Royale

Lots of monsters keep attacking you.  Level is finished when you travel a
certain distance to the right.

6.10.5 Arena Revistied (Dark Warrior II)

Large Burning Oil.  Continual light.  Save some magic for next fight.

Continual light does nothing on this stage.

6.10.6 Inner Heart, Dark Heart (Negpa, Synn)

As soon as you come on the screen, cast a spell, otherwise Black Dragon 
breath will waste you :(
You will fight a black dragon, chimera, and Negpa, only negpa needs to
be killed.  Use magic, you will get it back for Synn.
Holy word will hit Negpa, rather than other monsters.
Same tactics to kill Synn as used for first red.  It just takes longer :).
Reverse Gravity rocks him as well.

-Section 6-

7.1 Hints and Tips

Talk to one another.  Yell for a heal.  Follow the lead of the most
senior player, they know what they are doing.  Explain what to do next.
Decide among yourselves on what level to do next instead of relying on
the vote.  Look for secrets. Look after your mage.  Don't rely on 
the mage to clear out rooms...he's a boss killer.  The newbie who 
you didn't heal at the war machine, would have been all you needed to 
kill synn.  It's a game so don't take it too seriously.

7.2  Famous sayings around the D&D2 machine

"It took me $50, but I finished the sucker!"

"Heal!  I need a Heal!  Heal me you stupid cleric!"

"Quick a test in an hour"
{Lost track of time, arrived late for exam}

"It's easy to kill Hell Hounds, just use fireballs"
{Hell hounds immune to fire spells}

"I've been waiting for an hour to play...the guys in front of me are
still on their first credit"

"He's playing thief solo, he'll be dead soon"
{Thief used glitch, when glitch first discovered, finished game}

"It just took you 2 hours to finish it...and you want to have another game!"

"Let's see...I've had at least 50 games of D&D2, each game on average an hour
long...that's over 2 days real time!"

"I'm being swallowed by ghost!  Fighter hit the ghost to free me!"
{Fighter armed with Sword of Legends hits the ghost.  Player dies}

"Where did my spells go?"
{Elf got drained of spells from ghost}

"Turn undead!"

"That chest is never trapped"
{Chest trapped, 2 characters turned to stone}

"Wonder what happens if you hit a monster with the cursed Sword of
{Fighter dead}

"Just hit the Beholder with spells when he closes his eye"
{The group couldn't time it right}

"I got ring of Fire Protection, Dragon Breath can't hurt me"

"I've still got the Ring of Fire Protection."
{Didn't have it, forgot to check, walked through fire, dead}

"I got the displacer cloak"
{Forgot to click on shopkeeper after picking up skin, got hammered by

"Thief is baggage"

"They'll be dead soon, no cleric"
{Party of thief and two mages finished the game}

"Don't worry, be our turn soon, he's playing solo as the mage"
{Mage finished game}

"Only the fighter takes those blue potions, they don't do zip for anyone
{Fighter says to newbie cleric, also said only cure rings worked on fighter}

"If you don't give me all your silver, I won't heal you."
{Cleric to rest of group}

"I'll just lightning bolt the lich to death."
{Lightning bolts don't affect lich}

"Run to the right!"
{Player didn't know he's left from his right and run into Dragon Breath}

"I'll just turn the Lich"

"Is it closing time already?"

"I'll prove it to you, if you have Dragon Scale shield you can survive
Dragon Breath."
{Survived Dragon breath, Dragon ate him, died}

"How could I die on the War Machine?"

"If we all pooled the money we've spent on this game, we could buy a
machine ourselves"

"If the fire elemental escapes, cast conjure"
{Said to newbie mage who had no ice storms.  Mage kept facing left}

"I can't be bothered casting hold person on trogs."
{Cleric got stuck in a two trog combo, one on either side, that kept on
hitting him till he died}

"This stool has molded itself to my butt!"

"Shit! I died."

7.3 Conclusion

I make no claims in knowing everything.  I know enough to get you started.
Hopefully those of you out there will help me build to this FAQ, so that
there are no secrets left in this legendary game.  Just a note....we've
toasted Red Dragons this time....what's left?  Avatar hunting in D&D3?
It's a pity that while this game is so popular, it doesn't make even
a tenth of as much as a Street Fighter Clone it looks like 
this type of game is part of a dying breed.  Enjoy it while you can.
At least this game will still be making money 2 years from now....and 
then it will be on an easier difficulty setting.  Chill.

7.4 Revision History

V1.0 First Draft Issue 18th April 1996.

V1.1 6th May 1996.  Minor modifications to spelling.  Some small errors with 
spells fixed.  Bug bear trick and Final Strike information added.  Boss 
beating ways modified.

V1.2 28th June 1996.  Level descriptions improved.  Item descriptions 
modified.  More Famous sayings added.

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