Creeping Death

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      The beast he travels through the night    
         slowly creeping, out of sight    
      His stoney eyes search the land    
         long black claws extend his hand    
      Dark red tongue craves taste of blood    
         his leathery skin, stench of mud    
      Moves smoothly, swiftly, like a bird    
         shadowy movements remain unheard    
      Motionless he waits, the scent of skin:   
         a fool walks near, pure evil grin    
      Deathly silence fills the air    
         the body's gone - beast disappeared    

                                                    - MM


    Here at the Realm you'll find information and links to some great stuff on the net today.  Mainly this will consists of the things I find interesting, such as games, music, and robotics.  The name and title do not really relate to the material on this page, neither does the poem I wrote, nor the wallpaper.  So no, you haven't stumbled across a devil worshipper's sanctuary.  The page is, however, divided into '6' sections if that's what you're looking for.  Anyway, have fun, it is most likely that you are viewing this page because I personally gave the address to you.
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